Aktheos is about you. And God. And the communities you are involved with – large and small.

We are all on a journey to discover our true meaning, happiness, and to connect with others. To do this you must begin with discovering your true self. That true you which is buried under layers of what some have called the False Self, the Inauthentic Self, the Public Self, the Ego, even the Flesh. But buried as it may be under this false self, it is still there, ready to come out, with just a small movement by you to make the leap of faith to let it out. God is part of this process….spirituality is part of your being. Don’t be scared by it. Don’t get hung up on the Name of this process just yet. But do open yourself to God, however you imagine him or her to be, and seek to invite that presence to help you on this journey. The truth is God knows you and is closer to you than you can imagine right now. God knows you better than you know yourself. Why not invite that presence to help you on this journey.

You will find that once you truly get connected to the real you, you will be happier, more productive, your well being will exponentially increase. It is not a liner process. You will find ups and downs on the journey but during those times you will sense a new centeredness that you are where you should be in the world. If you are not, you may be surprised as you discover more of your true self, that you will find that you are beginning to move into the direction your new self needs.

We will profile exercises, discussions, webinars, and software to help you on your journey. Here will be a community to support you. It is our hope that a dynamic community will arise here to help you further your journey and provide the encouragement, support and help to discover your own well being as you were meant to be.