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Energy Alignment and You – The secret about your life.

This message was “given” to me in just one sitting early one morning. No editing. No deletions.

We added video, music, and animations to help illustrate the ideas here.


Evolutionary Christianity – a conversation.

Participants from left to right: Steve McIntosh, Bruce Sanguin, Morgan McKenna, Ross Hostetter, and Brian McLaren



True Self False Self part 1

True Self False Self part 2



Richard Rohr talks of Christian Enlightenment.

The audio at first is rough but gets better so stick with it.
This is really good material for all of us, especially those who engage in contemplation
(another way to “clean the lens” as he describes it).


This is a video I produced a few years ago on “The Secret” and it’s pitfalls.

Part One of a video Jeremy Black produced for John Paulus of the Living Compass Puzzle (a tool to help you realize your full potential). The video addresses the popular concept of the Law of Attraction which was made popular by the movie “The Secret”.  The Law of Attraction was portrayed as a way to get anything you want.  Of course this is way overstated.  But there is truth in the idea of attraction and is worth exploring. This video presents some of the reasons why it is so important to get clear about your True Self first – otherwise it may derail the “law” – or worse.  What do you think? Go the the community and let us know. or our facebook page